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Forest fertilization a better climate measure than permanent offsets

By juli 1, 2022september 5th, 2022No Comments

Research from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency shows that forest fertilization has bigger climate benefits than permanent protection of forests.

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency was commissioned by the Swedish government to analyze and present proposals for political instruments to increase the uptake of carbon dioxide in the forest.

Peichen Gong, professor at the Department of Forest Economics at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, worked on the study Styrmedel för att öka kolsänkor i skogssektorn (Instruments for increasing carbon sinks in the forest sector), and compared different methods with the potential to increase carbon sinks in the forest.

Benefits of forest fertilization

Methods that were compared include permanent deposits of forest, extended turnaround times for felling, and forest fertilization. Gong explains in our interview that forest fertilization is more efficient than permanent deposits and extended turnaround times to increase carbon sink and thus contribute to a mitigation of climate change in the short term.

Forest fertilization has the potential to increase carbon dioxide storage by 200,000 tonnes – every year.

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